GreenPower Motor Company Enters Into JV With Jupiter Wagon Group To Bring Select GreenPower All-Electric Vehicles To Indian Market

A file photo of GreenPower’s EV Star Cab and Chassis Right Hand Drive.

GreenPower Motor Company Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission, electric-powered, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, announces that through its wholly-owned subsidiary EA Green-Power Pvt Ltd. has entered into a joint venture with the Jupiter Wagon Group to bring select GreenPower all-electric vehicles to the Indian market.

Jupiter is a premier manufacturer of railway wagons, passenger coaches, wagon components and castings in India with customers such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Shipping, Tata Motors, VOLVO Eicher Motors, Bharat Benz and Avia Motors. Jupiter owns manufacturing facilities across India.

“GreenPower has joined forces with Jupiter Wagon Group to bring GreenPower’s EV Star CC to the Indian Market,” stated Brendan Riley, GreenPower President. “We are excited to work with Jupiter to conform (homologate) a right-hand-drive version of the vehicle that is already proven and popular in North America. Both GreenPower and Jupiter believe that this zero-emission, the battery-electric platform is exactly what is needed for India to both provide a clean air solution and a cost-effective way to move people and goods. This collaboration leverages the proven EV prowess of GreenPower and the manufacturing and distribution strength of JWL.”

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GreenPower’s EV Star Cab and Chassis Right Hand Drive (EV Star CC RHD) is a purpose-built multi-utility zero-emissions vehicle with a standard battery pack of 62.5 kWh providing a payload of 4,095 kilograms with a range of 150 kilometers or an optional battery pack of 118 kWh providing a payload of 3,675 kilograms with a range of 250 kilometers. GreenPower’s EV Star Cab and Chassis accommodates a wide variety of mid and last-mile delivery needs while maintaining the benefits of being a zero-emission vehicle.

Priyankar Balekai, Vice President, Global Trucks for Greenpower stated, “We’ve recently opened our office in Hyderabad and are excited to be working with Jupiter to demonstrate the EV Star CC RHD to the Indian market, which is an untapped market for medium and heavy-duty all-electric vehicles.”

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