DDC To Launch Guidebook For EV Charging On 29th November

white car charging
Photo by Rathaphon Nanthapreecha on Pexels.com

A joint guidebook will be released on 29th November by the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) and World Resources Institute (WRI) for charging infrastructure at corporate workplaces for electric vehicles. The guidebook is titled ‘Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Guidebook for Corporates in Delhi.’

The intend of the guidebook is to promote the adoption of electric vehicles at the workplace and charging EVs at the workplace. The government also wishes to join hands with companies for the same.

DDC vice-chairman, Jasmine Shah, said, “The guidebook aims to guide corporates in assessing the scope for workplace charging, details the processes involved in effective decision-making along with setting the way forward for its planning and implementation.”

According to research, 90% of electric vehicles are charged either at home or at the workplace. The guidebook would contain step by step guide for the installation of a charging system at the workplace. This would be beneficial for employees as it will reduce anxiety for them for charging.

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