Indian Air Force Deploys 12 Electric Vehicles To Reduce Carbon Footprint

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In keeping with the government’s green mobility initiative, the Indian Air Force (IAF) deploys a fleet of electric vehicles. In the presence of senior officers, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari flagged the first 12 electric vehicles.

“In order to achieve a reduction in carbon footprint and in keeping with the government of India’s initiative on introduction of green mobility, the IAF has inducted a fleet of Tata Nexon electric vehicles,” the IAF said in a statement.

According to the report, the force plans to increase the use of electric vehicles in a progressive manner by purchasing electric vehicles that are not compatible with downgraded traditional vehicles.

“Augmentation and installation of charging infrastructure at different Air Force bases are also planned.” It said that the first batch of electric vehicles will be used in Delhi NCR units to perform monitoring and analysis.

The IAF stated that the IAF had already joined forces with the Indian Army to procure electric buses and cars in order to create a standardized vehicle inventory.

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These proactive actions reaffirm the commitment of IAF to the national transformation towards environmentally-friendly mobility.

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