Fortum Charge & Drive India With FreshRooms To Set Up Charging Infra­structure For 4Ws In 1,000 Lounges

A file photo of Fortum Charge & Drive India joins hands with Fresh­Rooms to set up charging infra­structure for 4Ws in 1,000 lounges

Fortum Charge & Drive India Pvt. Ltd. (Fortum C&D), a leading Nordic Electric Vehicle (EV) charging service provider, announces its partnership with FreshRooms, a technology-driven sanitation startup building an innovative and creative solution for providing Hygienic Washrooms to one and all at an affordable rate.

Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) model, FreshRooms is the world’s first-of-its-kind model of the pay-and-use washroom, which promises a luxurious and hygienic space to freshen up. Their facility is established in areas from 100 sq. ft to 10,000 sq. ft depending on the amenities offered, but all FreshRooms have a clean restroom, shower, and coffee shop as standard features.

These lounges make an optimal place for setting up fast charging stations for their customers who drive electric cars. While they take a halt in the lounge for freshening up, their EV can be put on charging to cover the rest of the travel without any range anxiety thus making fast chargers a valued amenity. This presents a win-win scenario by giving EV users more autonomy and generating income for FreshRooms by commercializing the parking lots.

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“We are happy to collaborate with FreshRooms to set up charging infrastructure for four-wheelers across the country to promote electric mobility by building a reliable & robust charging infrastructure for electric 4W passenger vehicle users. Our partnership with FreshRooms will open new avenues for discerning EV users who can use their time spent in the lounge for charging their car while they rest & enjoy themselves,” says Mr Awadhesh Jha, Executive Director, Fortum Charge & Drive India Pvt. Ltd.

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