SemaConnect to Foster EV Charging Solutions to the North American Commercial, Residential, and Fleet Market

SemaConnect to Promote EV Charging to the North American Commercial, Residential, and Fleet Market

SemaConnect is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions for the North American residential, commercial and fleet markets. Next week, SemaConnect will be attending four conferences and expos: Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials (FAPPO), Orlando, Florida, Marriott International’s Global Residential Leadership Conference, Orlando, Florida; Government Fleet magazine’s Government Fleet Expo & Conference, (GFX) Detroit, Michigan; Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA) Innovate Multifamily education Showcase in Hanover (MMHA) Innovate Multi-Housing Association’s in Hanover, Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA) Innovate Multi-family Education Showcase, Maryland Multi-Housing Association’s. SemaConnect’s experts in electric vehicle charging will be demonstrating SemaConnect’s solutions for residential and commercial use starting May 22.

SemaConnect provides full-service solutions to Level 2 charging stations as well as cloud-based station management software. The Series 6 can be shared at any commercial application, including workplaces, multifamily residences, public parking lots, and government. The Series 7 has both 30-amp and 80-amp versions. The Series 4 is SemaConnect’s latest EV charging station. It can be used at home and has integration options for fleet managers. The SemaConnect Network is a cloud-based software that powers all stations. It offers fleet managers and station owners top features like:

  • Online live status of stations
  • You can manage users and control access
  • Get usage and sustainability reports
  • Load management ready
  • Drivers can set their own pricing (shared stations).
  • Schedule charging (fleet/home stations)
  • Integration with top-tier driver applications (shared station)
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Stephen Carroll, SemaConnect’s vice president of marketing, stated that electric vehicle charging infrastructure is required for both the residential and public sectors to help EV usage grow. “We are looking forward to presenting our product portfolio at FAPPO, Marriott and GFX attendees, as well as MMHA Innovate.”

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