Triton EV Unveils Plans For 8.5-Tonne Electric Truck In India And The Middle East By Mid-November

A file photo of Triton EV

Himanshu Patel, Chairman and MD of Triton EV, has reiterated his commitment to providing comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) and clean technology solutions for the logistics sector.

In a noteworthy announcement, Patel revealed that Triton EV is set to introduce an 8.5-tonne EV Truck designed for the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

“We are targeting mid-November 2023 for the Truck’s debut, and this will be a valuable addition to the logistics sector, driven by strong market demand. This 8.5-tonne truck will have a range of 300 kilometers on a single full charge,” stated Himanshu Patel, CMD of Triton EV.

Electric trucks are renowned for their environmental advantages, as they produce no tailpipe emissions, contributing to reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in urban areas.

Trucks in the 8.5-tonne weight category typically belong to the medium-duty or heavy-duty class, serving various purposes such as urban deliveries, regional distribution, and some construction applications.

Triton EV has also recently announced its intention to launch a 3.5-tonne capacity EV Truck.

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Himanshu Patel, MD of Triton EV, added, “This product is expected to have a significant impact on the commercial vehicle segment due to its robust performance capabilities. The mileage and maintenance of this 8.5-tonne electric truck will be a game-changer for the industry.”

Triton EV has established an extensive Research and Development (R&D) Center facility in Kheda, Anand District, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, spanning an area of 150,000 square feet. This R&D center serves as Triton EV’s global hub for all R&D activities, including the development of Triton EV Trucks and special-purpose vehicles.

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