Transforming Last-Mile Logistics: Greaves Electric Mobility Debuts Greaves Eltra – Pioneering India’s Electric Cargo Revolution


In a significant announcement, Greaves Electric Mobility has introduced the ‘Greaves Eltra,’ an electric cargo three-wheeler vehicle poised to revolutionize last-mile logistics in India. Under the tagline ‘Everything Extra,’ the Greaves Eltra is set to reshape the landscape of cargo transportation by harnessing advanced technology to efficiently meet the rising demand for cargo services. It aims to offer customers an ‘Extra’ edge in terms of savings, support, technology, comfort, productivity, performance, and trust.

Boasting an impressive power capacity of 9.5 kW at peak performance, the Greaves Eltra ensures optimal efficiency, providing a seamless cargo transportation experience. Its integration of a substantial 10.8 kWh battery pack guarantees consistent and reliable journeys, addressing the critical need for dependability in logistics operations. With a range of over 100 kilometers on a single charge, this vehicle is meticulously designed to streamline delivery routes, minimize downtime, and enhance the overall efficiency of last-mile logistics operations. Additionally, it features a spacious factory-fitted delivery box, offering a generous 140 cubic feet of storage capacity to accommodate cargo effectively.

The Greaves Eltra’s launch signifies a significant advancement in the electric cargo vehicle segment, promising to cater to the evolving needs of the logistics industry. Its cutting-edge technology and substantial range make it a promising solution for businesses looking to enhance their cargo transportation operations.

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Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Behl, CEO, of the Electric Mobility Business, said, “Driven by the purpose of democratising smart and sustainable mobility in India, we are proud to announce the launch of Greaves Eltra. With an established ecosystem of aftersales support, spare parts availability, and financing options, of the group, we guarantee a world-class ownership experience to all our customers.  With India’s last-mile delivery sector growing exponentially with rising urban consumers, Eltra is well-suited for large and small businesses.  Greaves Eltra is our promise of a smarter and more sustainable future.”

Greaves Electric Mobility has unveiled the ‘Greaves Eltra,’ a revolutionary electric cargo three-wheeler vehicle designed to address the evolving needs of India’s last-mile logistics sector. Positioned on five key pillars, including Performance, Technology, Savings, Earnings, and Trust, the Greaves Eltra offers a forward-thinking and sustainable solution for businesses of all sizes operating in India’s burgeoning last-mile delivery market.

Drawing inspiration from India’s contemporary color palette, the Greaves Eltra boasts vibrant hues such as Aqua Blue, Neon Green, Martian Orange, and Lunar White. These distinctive colors are set to make a statement as the vehicle navigates the bustling streets of Indian cities.

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Equipped with a 6.2″ digital cluster featuring Bluetooth and Navigation, the Greaves Eltra offers technology integration capabilities that empower business owners to monitor vehicle status and optimize fleet operations efficiently.

The Greaves Eltra’s urban prowess is evident in its impressive 12-degree gradeability, making it adept at handling inclines and hilly city pathways. It delivers a robust torque of 49 Nm, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride while facilitating seamless loading and unloading of goods. Its electrical components are waterproof and dustproof, guaranteeing reliability in all weather conditions.

Furthermore, the vehicle incorporates advanced tech features such as geolocation and geofencing, vehicle and driver performance management, end-to-end fleet management, and remote diagnostics, catering to the demands of modern logistics.

With the increasing demand for efficient and eco-friendly transportation options, the Greaves Eltra addresses a crucial need in the market. It reflects Greaves Electric Mobility’s commitment to engineering excellence, sustainability, and meeting the evolving demands of the logistics industry.

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The L5 cargo industry has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels and is poised for growth, with all five L5 cargo vehicles sold in India today being electric.

Manufactured by one of Greaves Electric Mobility’s subsidiaries in Hyderabad, the Greaves Eltra will be available nationwide through the company’s extensive network. This ensures customers across the country will benefit from a seamless experience and exceptional post-sales support, reaffirming Greaves Electric Mobility’s dedication to serving every corner of India.

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