Vegh Automobiles Debuts the S60 High-Speed Electric Scooter at the 2023 EV India Expo


In a major development at the EV India Expo 2023, Vegh Automobiles, a prominent electric scooter manufacturer in India, introduced its highly-anticipated electric scooter, the S60. This cutting-edge scooter promises high performance and convenience for riders across the nation.

The S60 boasts an impressive range of over 120 kilometers on a single charge, making it a versatile choice for both city commuters and those embarking on long journeys. It aims to cater to the demands of Indian riders effectively.

One of its standout features is its remarkably fast charging time, coupled with its impressive peak power capabilities. The robust power pack battery ensures a hassle-free ride to reach one’s desired destinations with ease.

Powering the S60 is a formidable 3 KWh battery that meets the rigorous AIS156 Phase 2 standards. This battery unit is engineered to be shockproof, fireproof, and waterproof, ensuring not only extended ranges but also faster charging times and competitive pricing, promising cost-effective and efficient rides.

Under the hood, the S60 features a potent 2.5 kW peak motor, enabling it to reach a top speed of 75 kilometers per hour, promising an exhilarating riding experience. Additionally, it comes equipped with a range of advanced features, including a digital display, three ride modes, and a combined braking system, prioritizing rider safety and convenience.

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The introduction of the Vegh Automobiles S60 electric scooter signifies a significant advancement in the Indian electric scooter market. Its impressive range, quick charging capabilities, and innovative features make it a game-changer, catering to the diverse needs of Bhartiya Riders and promising an efficient and enjoyable ride.

“We are excited to launch the S60, our most advanced electric scooter yet,” said Ms. Pragya Goyal, CEO & Co-Founder of Vegh Automobiles. “The S60 is the perfect choice for riders who demand performance, comfort, and style. It is also a great option for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.”

Vegh Automobiles has unveiled the S60 electric scooter, offering versatility with three ride modes to adapt battery performance for city and town driving. The scooter features a new digital display for quick access to vital vehicle information, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Riders will appreciate the enhanced comfort provided by the wider seats, even on rough roads. Safety remains a priority, thanks to the inclusion of the Combined Braking System and excellent road handling. The hydraulic suspension further improves ride quality, while the fast-charging feature ensures the 3kWh battery is fully replenished in just 4-5 hours.

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Designed with Indian riders in mind, the S60 boasts a lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver through congested traffic. It’s also built to withstand diverse weather conditions, catering to the country’s varied climate.

Available in a range of stylish colors including Matt Black, Light Grey, White, and Light Green, the S60 is positioned as the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable, durable, and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Its impressive range, powerful motor, and advanced features make it the preferred option for riders who demand the highest quality.

The S60 is now available in India through Vegh Automobiles’ authorized dealerships, with a starting price of INR 1,25,000 (excluding taxes).

This launch marks a significant addition to Vegh Automobiles’ expanding line-up of electric scooters, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the Indian market. The S60, with its style and performance, is expected to solidify the brand’s position as a favorite among Indian riders. Additionally, Vegh Automobiles has plans to introduce an upgraded variant of the S60 in the coming months, further enhancing their product offerings.

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