Komatsu and Toyota Collaborate to Develop Autonomous Light Vehicle for Mining Operations


Komatsu and Toyota have announced a collaborative project to create an Autonomous Light Vehicle (ALV) for use on Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). The goal of this joint effort is to improve safety and productivity in mining operations by combining autonomous haul trucks with automated ALVs controlled by the AHS.

The companies are currently conducting tests of a concept ALV at their respective proving grounds and plan to have a proof of concept at a customer site by January 2024. By implementing autonomous technology, the project aims to mitigate risks and increase safety in the mining industry.

The ALV will enable mining customers to continue their operations while minimizing the potential harm to workers, particularly in light of labor shortages. Additionally, the introduction of autonomous vehicles can enhance safety at mine sites where multiple pieces of equipment are operated, reducing accidents that may result from human error.

Komatsu has a strong track record in deploying the Autonomous Haulage System, having pioneered its commercial application in 2008. The system has proven its reliability and efficiency in various mine environments, earning a reputation for safety and productivity.

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Currently, when autonomous haul trucks and manual light vehicles share haulage roads, the trucks may slow down or stop to avoid potential collisions caused by human error. However, there is a need to improve the productivity of autonomous haul trucks in mine operations. Komatsu and Toyota have come together to address these challenges and accelerate the development of autonomous solutions for mining.

Komatsu will develop a new management program for ALVs within its AHS supervisory system, while Toyota will focus on developing ALVs capable of running automatically under AHS control. By combining their expertise, the companies aim to overcome the obstacles and advance autonomy in the mining industry.

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