SUN Mobility Launches SwapX And S2.1 Mobility Solutions At Auto Expo 2023

A file photo of SUN Mobility At Auto Expo 2023

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SUN Mobility launches SwapX, a compact and fully-automated battery-swapping system for Urban Electric Mobility. S2.1 is the next generation of Battery Packs from SUN Mobility. It offers greater battery power and 45% longer range.

SwapX, is a plug-and-play battery-swapping system that caters to large customer bases such as small and medium businesses and department stores. It allows them to easily set up and manage Swap Points in their stores.

A franchisee model addresses concerns about lack of infrastructure, long waiting times, and charging time. It also increases network density which will encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

SwapX features a bright, intuitive display and is equipped with multiple, system-controlled safety sensors. The three-onboard computers on each unit are equipped with smart card readers, surge and shock protection, advanced thermal management, and smoke detection. An onboard SOS button is also included in the unit. The unit takes up very little space in an establishment. Multiple stations can be stacked together to facilitate additional swapping needs.

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The S2.1 Smart Battery is lightweight, robust, and smart. It has a 2.1 kWh higher capacity. It’s interoperable and cloud-connected and epitomizes safety and security. The S2.1 has been certified AIS156 (Phase 1) and has passed over 450 safety- and performance tests, including Drop, Cyclic, and Vibration tests. Multiple vehicle platforms have been used to test the batteries in real-world conditions. These extensive tests ensure that safety standards are met.

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