Statiq Receives Order From REIL To Set Up 253 Fast EV Chargers For 4 Major Highways

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Statiq, a provider of electric vehicle charging services, has just received an order from REIL, Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. to supply 253 fast electric vehicle chargers for 4 major highway projects linking Meerut-Gangotri, Agra-Lucknow, Chennai-Bellary, and Mangaldai–Wakro.

The company operates several EV chargers in Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Beawar, Jodhpur, and Udaipur.

Statiq has won this deal, which will make it possible to provide a reliable, affordable, and accessible four-wheeler charging system on these corridors. Statiq stated that although this sale is final, it will continue to maintain the quality and maintenance of the equipment for three years.

REIL needed a variety of fast chargers with more than 50kW charging power and 43 fast chargers capable of charging four-wheelers at more than 100kW.

“Statiq is eager to participate in any initiatives for electrifying India, and upgrading its motor choices. The space for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), will play a crucial role in helping India make the smooth transition from conventional ICE cars to eco-friendly EVs. A strong network of charging points is essential to make this transition a reality.” Statiq’s head of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, Aman Rehman, said that the transition will only become a reality if there is a strong network of charge points.

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He added, “REIL has been active on the electric mobility front in India, and it is an honor to win a tender for such a forward-thinking PSU. He said that he was looking forward to helping many four-wheelers keep their batteries charged as they travel along these high-speed corridors.”

Statiq raised more than Rs 200 crore through Series A funding. It has partnered with Hero Electric and also collaborated to improve the combined EV charging network across northern states.

Statiq hopes to have a charging network of 20,000 charging network by the end of this year.

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