EV Financing Platform, AMU Leasing Partners With IN-D To Automate Lending Process

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AMU Leasing, an EV-exclusive NBFC has announced a partnership with IN-D. IN-D is an AI platform that enables low-cost and location-agnostic digital operations by transforming manual “Document to Data” processes. Through this partnership, AMU Leasing wants to automate the lending process for EV end consumers. This will help customers get acclimated to a digital process from day 1 within the EV space. Since the EV industry is nascent and most customers are first-time users, a faster processing mechanism will enable them to invest in EVs with easy access to financial help.

As per AMU Leasing, the partnership will pave the way for the digitalized environment which can contribute to a faster processing mechanism that will enable customers to access financial loans conveniently. It is noteworthy that since the EV financing industry is in its nascent stages, most of the customers are first-time EV buyers. Tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India have recently emerged as the potential market for EV financing. It is anticipated that the mentioned partnership will introduce these cities to the formal lending system with faster loan disbursal in place.

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“We are excited to announce our partnership with IN-D and as an EV financing company, we perceive this partnership as an important step towards the reformation of EV loan services from a technological perspective. AI introduction will help us get leverage in the market to create mass adoption of EVs. While keeping the organization lean, we plan to execute 1 million disbursements by 2027 and ease the digital lending process for our customers. With the Incorporation of the latest technology, we can assure that the best automobile financing services are being provided to potential EV buyers which will eventually lead to the overall increment of EV sales in the country,” said Nehal Gupta, Director, AMU Leasing Pvt. Ltd.

AMU Leasing is one of the major EV financing firms across the country to incorporate the innovative technology of AI in their financing procedures. This step is being perceived as a breakthrough in the industry as the incorporation of AI in the early stages of lending processes will assist the brand to reach economies of scale while paving an easy pathway for mass adoption. One of the prominent features of utilizing advanced technology is to provide bias-free decisions for all loan applicants which is crucial for the success of any EV financing company.

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“We are delighted to share that AMU Leasing and Financing, a financial services company focusing on electric vehicle financing, has partnered with IN-D to build a next-generation digital lending platform by automating all document-based operations. We anticipate that this partnership will bring positive changes in the EV financing industry. We appreciate the sincere commitment of the leadership at AMU Leasing to bring the best experience for their customers,” said, Director, IN-D.

Notably, AMU leasing has been actively working on enhancing its technology prowess in 2022. Before the IN-d partnership, it onboarded Provenir, an AI-backed global data and intelligence platform that makes accessing data faster and easier.

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