JLNPhenix Energy Plans To Start Manufacturing EV Powertrain Components With Rs 200 Crore Investment


JLNPhenix Energy is a subsidiary of Singapore-based CLN Energy. It plans to start manufacturing EV powertrain components at its third manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

To manufacture components such as motor controllers, hub motors, DC/DC converters, mid-drive motors, wiring harnesses, and vehicle display units, the company will invest Rs 200 Crore. Two lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities are already in operation by the company, one in Noida, and one in Pune.

Sunil Gandhi, CEO of JLNPhenix Energy said that the Hyderabad manufacturing facility marks the beginning of a new era at JLNPhenix Energy. We are preparing to introduce new products and features, and integrate EV batteries with powertrain components for EV industries.

The company earned INR 122 crore last year. It claims that it has major EV OEMs among its clients.

Gandhi said, “Acting in our mission to provide adequate assistance and deliver on Atmanirbhar & Green Energy Initiative (India), we are also coming out with new business-use cases and innovation to support the changing requirements of brands.”

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