Proposed Hub For EVs To House Around 1,000 Startups – Karnataka Minister

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C N Ashwath Narayan, Karnataka’s Minister for Information Technology and Bio-Technology, said that the proposed hub for electric vehicles would house approximately 1,000 startups.

He spoke at the opening session of the 10th International Mobility Conference organised by the SAEI, Society of Automotive Engineers India.

“The government has already taken several measures to promote the growth of the automating sector. A total of 5 centres of excellence will be set up to facilitate training, research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship,” Narayan said.

He stated that the state, which is already a preferred destination for IT, BT, electronics, and semiconductors would become a major hub for electric vehicles within a few years.

The minister also noted that the government has given importance to eco-friendly fuel and environmental protection as required by the United Nations. He said that the government was considering the production of eco-friendly hydrogen.

“Hassle-free traffic has become a challenge in metropolitan cities such as Bengaluru which are consistently growing. It is also causing a huge loss in terms of wastage of human time and it is adversely affecting the productive capacity. The impact on health is also of serious concern. Development of modern modes of transport including electric vehicles would help to contain these problems,” he said.

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