Hero Electric Sells 10,213 Electric Scooters In August 2022 And Maintains The Top Position


Hero Electric maintain its lead in India’s sale of two-wheeler electric vehicles during August 2022. The company sold 10,213 electric scooters in the country in August 2022, compared to 8,786 in July 2022. This represents a 16.24% MoM rise.

Okinawa also maintains its position as one of the top five OEMs for electric scooters. In August 2022, the company sold 8,245 scooters in India to offset the 8,098 sold in July 2022. The company saw a slight increase of 1.82% MoM.

Hero Motocorp-backed Ather Energy took the spotlight of India’s electric two-wheeler market. It registered a 301.80% MoM sales increase in August 2022, compared to the previous month. In August 2022, 5,147 Ather electric scooters had been registered, compared to 1,281 in July 2022.

Ola Electric suffered another setback MoM, as it registered only 3,397 electric scooters during August 2022. In July 2022, the start-up registered 3,853 scooters. Ola Electric’s MoM decrease is 11.83%.

The MoM for Revolt, which is well-known for its electric motorcycles in India, fell as well. After selling 2,317 electric bikes in July 2022 the company was able to register 1,620 in August 2022. Revolt’s MoM decline is 30.08%.

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Jitendra EV, Pure Energy, Okaya, and Being India saw MoM decline. Notably, the majority of electric two-wheeler companies that have experienced downfalls, such as Ola, Jitendra and Pure Energy, saw at least one of their electric scooters catch fire in the past. Okinawa, however, is the only electric scooter manufacturer to report growth despite electric scooters catching on fire.

Atul Chandel, Director of Autobei Consulting, previously told that EVs were a new product in a market like India and that the fire incidents are damaging the industry image. It would take time for these first impressions to fade from the minds of the end consumer.

It is also expected that electric scooter sales will continue to rise in India.

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