Rajasthan Government Releases EV Policy; Sanctions Purchase Grant Of Rs.40 Crores For EVs


Rajasthan’s government has created an electric vehicle policy to encourage electric vehicle purchases in the state. The policy will last for five years starting September 1, 2022.

On Thursday, the Rajasthan Electric Vehicle Policy (REVP), was established. The government has approved a fund of Rs.40 crores to contribute towards the purchase of EVs.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made the announcement in the budget 2019-20 and approved the draft policy on the 24th of May.

The government has approved the one-time contribution to the purchase of EVs and an additional budget provision for Rs.40 crore to reimburse State Goods and Services Tax.

The official stated that the state will see a decrease in pollution from diesel and petrol vehicles as a result of the increased use of electric vehicles.

The state government announced that it would reimburse Rs5,000-Rs10,000 SGST for two-wheelers, and Rs10,000-20,000 for three-wheelers depending on the vehicle’s battery capacity.

The transport department received Rs 40 crore at the same time to pay off the outstanding cases regarding the grant for electric vehicles.

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K L Swami, Transport Commissioner, stated that funds have been received from the state government. He also said that all outstanding dues related to the purchase of electric vehicles for this financial year will soon be paid.

A grant of Rs 18 crore was granted to individuals who purchased electric vehicles during the previous fiscal year in 12 Regional Transport Offices regions of the state.

A grant amount of Rs 5 Crore is being disbursed to 3000 vehicle owners who purchased vehicles in the current fiscal. This will be done soon.

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