Week In India: CESL Starts Deliberation Process For Deploying 50,000 Electric Buses By 2030 In India; Murugappa Group To Launch A Brand Of Electric Three-Wheelers, ‘Montra’ By September; And More

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CESL Starts Deliberation Process For Deploying 50,000 Electric Buses By 2030 In India

CESL, Convergence Energy Service Ltd, a state-owned company with the support of the World Resources Institute India (WRI India) has started the deliberation process for the deployment of 50,000 electric busses on Indian roads by 2030. The CESL under the Grand Challenge has started the deployment of 5,450 electric buses in five cities including Bengaluru, Surat, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Based on a gross cost contracting method, this tender found rates that were 27% and 23% lower than those for diesel or compressed natural gas buses respectively (without any national subsidies). NITI Aayog is the government think-tank and it has given CESL the mandate to expand the scope of Grand Challenge and use demand aggregation to procure 50,000 electric buses in the next 7 years.

Murugappa Group To Launch A Brand Of Electric Three-Wheelers, ‘Montra’ By September

According to a senior executive, the Murugappa Group will launch a brand of electric three-wheelers called Montra by September. It will also invest Rs 200 crore into this segment. The electric vehicle business is under TI Clean Mobility, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tube Investments of India, which makes bicycle brands such as Hercules or BSA. It is also a part of the Murugappa Group. TCM will manufacture electric tractors this year through Cellestial E-Mobility. TCM purchased a controlling stake in 70% of the company for Rs 161 crore. “Montra electric three-wheelers are expected to be launched in August-September of this year. Arun Murugappan (executive chairman of Tube Investments) stated that they will invest around Rs 200 crore in electric three-wheelers. Montra will launch in both passenger and cargo segments.

Bharat Alt Fuel To Establish A Unit At Tamil Nadu With An Investment Of Rs 250 Crore To Make Electric Vehicles, Batteries, And Motors

Bharat Alt fuel, which is a company that focuses on electric mobility and alternative fuel technology, will establish a greenfield unit at Tamil Nadu with an investment of Rs 250 crore to make electric vehicles, batteries, and motors. It is expected that the integrated facility, which covers 40,000 sqm in Krishnagiri, will begin production in 2023. “BAF strives to be a catalyst of change wherever it’s needed. It makes perfect sense that electric two-wheelers are being brought to one the largest vehicle markets in the world. All the necessary components including motors and batteries will be made in our new factory. “Establishing a global manufacturing footprint is a practical, natural step and enables us to grow our brand, scale our business, and address climate change through inspiring sustainable transportation,” its executive director Sorubh Kumar Bharti said.

Mahindra & Mahindra Open To Invest In EV Battery Cell Manufacturers For Securing Supplies – CEO

India’s Mahindra & Mahindra’s CEO stated that the company raised funds to purchase a battery-cell company in order to meet its future electrification requirements. British International Investment has invested $250 million to finance the Mahindra. Mahindra is now exploring a partnership for such components as batteries and motors with Volkswagen AG. Mahindra’s “short- to medium-term” battery needs will be met by the Volkswagen deal, but Mahindra CEO Anish Shah said that the company is open to considering an “investment with global leaders” in the battery space to ensure future supply. Shah stated in an interview that “our intent is not manufacturing batteries”. Shah said that there are many people who can do it well. They can partner with us; we could become co-investors in some way. It doesn’t have to be ours. Over the next few years, Mahindra will launch five electric sport-utility vehicles (SUVs).

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Delhi Government Launches A WhatsApp Chatbox For Answering EV-Related Queries

In an effort to increase awareness of electric vehicles in Delhi, the state government has created this chatbot via the instant messaging platform WhatsApp. The chatbot service will help answer any queries about electric vehicles (EVs) that the Delhi government has created. This chatbot is designed to assist residents of the city with all their EV-related questions. The chatbot will answer questions about incentives, price, charging solutions, and range among other things. Ashish Kundra, the Delhi Transport Commissioner took to Twitter to announce the launch of the chatbot. He tweeted, “Delhi government launched a WhatsApp Chatbot for Electric Vehicles.” Find the nearest charging station and learn more about electric mobility models. Let’s all Switch Delhi together!

CHARGE+ZONE Announces Plans of Renewable Energy for Their Charging Network Across India

CHARGE+ZONE, a technology-driven EV Charging Network company today announced that it plans to introduce renewable energy for their high-speed charging network for electric buses and commercial vehicles across India. This announcement comes at the back of the company’s mission towards achieving NetZero and providing sustainable charging options to customers. As part of this initiative, CHARGE+ZONE has successfully deployed its first 200KW solar rooftop for Ashok Leyland’s electric buses in Patna, which is able to source 20% of its daily energy requirements through green energy. Over the last 3-years, the company has successfully built an EV charging infrastructure of over 700+ fast DC charging stations across the Indian market, with the network rapidly being expanded for both inter-city travel across 3000 kms as well as urban e-mobility applications.

Ola Electric Reveals In-House Built ‘NMC 2170 Lithium-Ion Cell’

Ola, a company that makes electric vehicles, has revealed an NMC 2170 lithium-ion cell made in-house. Ola stated that it will start mass production of its cell at its Gigafactory in 2023. “The use of specific chemistry & materials enables the cell to pack more energy in a given space and also improves the overall life cycle of the cell”, it said. “The cell has been developed keeping the indigenous conditions at the core”. Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Ola Electric, said that a cell was the heart of the electric vehicle revolution. “Ola is building the world’s most advanced cell research centre that will enable us to scale and innovate faster, and build the most advanced and affordable EV products in the world with speed”, Aggarwal said. “Our first indigenously made Li-ion cell is also the first of many in our cell technology roadmap. Having a robust local EV ecosystem is important for India to become a global EV hub”, he added.

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Gurugram To Deploy 150 Electric Buses Instead Of 100 CNG Minibuses

The Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited (GMCBL) is putting off its plans to add 100 minibuses to its fleet. Officers mentioned that the point of interest now shifts to purchasing 150 electric buses as a replacement. GMCBL approved this plan just six months ago, and now it has decided to abandon the proposal to purchase 100 CNG-run minibuses. “The December 2021 approval of the project for minibuses was given. However, it was decided not to proceed with it as the government encourages electric vehicles,” a senior official of the company stated. “We will purchase electric buses instead of the 100 minibuses we had planned to buy earlier.” “The Haryana transport department will be procuring electric buses for the whole state,” the source said. This is in addition to the fact that GMCBL last month informed the federal government that it would need “midi electric buses”, which could be 9 metres long.

Tata Motors Introduces NEXON EV PRIME With Exciting New Intelligent Features

In line with its New Forever philosophy, Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile manufacturer, announced the introduction of Nexon EV Prime with high-end, smart features such as the Multi-Mode Regen, Automatic Brake Lamp Activation on Regen, Cruise Control, Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (iTPMS), Smartwatch integrated connectivity feature, and Charging Timeout of 110 seconds. Taking the EV ownership experience to the next level, the Company is also extending these new intuitive features to over 22,000 existing Nexon EV owners, through a first-of-its-kind Software Update from Tata Motors. This update will benefit current owners in their journey towards ‘Evolving to Electric’ by enhancing their drive experience, connectivity and efficiency.

FIMER Receives Prestigious “Green Achiever 2022” Award in “EV Charging Manufacturer” Category

The 3rd edition of Green Vehicle Expo was held at BIEC, Bengaluru (India) from 1-3 July 2022 and it was conceptualized keeping in tune the Government of India’s commitment towards encouraging cleaner and sustainable mobility. The event showcased exhibition on electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, components, batteries, charging stations, GPS stations & allied industry. With a footfall of more than 25,000 visitors which saw the participation of over 100 exhibitors and visitors including the Business Heads of many companies, dealers, distributors, garage owners, manufacturers and end users; the event was a thumping success and well accepted by the industry. The event also saw many engaging conferences held across 3 days. In this scenario FIMER received the prestigious “Green Achiever 2022” award in the “EV Charging Manufacturer” category at the concluding session of the 3-day event.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Appoints Kyndryl As Technology Partner

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) recently announced its exclusive collaboration with Kyndryl, world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, to elevate its IT and security transformation journey across HMSI’s manufacturing plants. Currently, Kyndryl manages infrastructure services for plant production applications, enterprise and dealer management systems for all the dealers. Bringing operational efficiency with an agile and improved customer service experience, the company’s renewed alliance with Kyndryl will improve infrastructure manageability and uptime through increased automation as well as enhance the company’s cybersecurity and resiliency. Further enhancing HMSI’s business applications and IT systems’ availability, the new partnership will integrate an on-demand Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) set-up for minimal outage and production loss during a crisis impacting HMSI’s primary data center.

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The Indian Electric Vehicle Sector Has Seen A 108% Increase In Employment Over The Past Two Years – Survey

A survey shows that the Indian electric vehicle sector has seen a 108% increase in employment over the past two years. Bengaluru is the leader in talent location. According to a survey by CIEL HR Services, the EV segment is growing in popularity among metro areas. The survey found that Bengaluru has the highest number of EV talent postings at 62%. Next are Delhi (12%), Pune (9%), Chennai (3%) and Coimbatore (6%) respectively. According to the study, there was a significant increase in employment and an average increase of 108% over the past two years. The survey titled Latest Employment Trends In EV Sector 2022′ was done for a total of 15,700 employees in 52 companies. It was found that engineering is the most dominant function in the EV sector. This is followed by sales, quality assurance, operations, marketing, and IT. Over the past six months, EV leaders have employed 2,236 employees.

Magenta Mobility Partners With Amazon India For Deployment Of Electric Vehicles In Hyderabad

Magenta Mobility, a leading integrated electric mobility and charging solutions company, announced its partnership with Amazon India for the deployment of electric vehicles in Hyderabad. Magenta Mobility released that the tie-up will see the company deploy electric three- and four-wheelers to its delivery partners. Maxson Lewis, Founder, and Managing Director, of Magenta Mobility, said, “The collaboration between Amazon and Magenta is a welcome step, which reaffirms Amazon India’s significant progress in the electric mobility industry. This launch in Hyderabad is a continuation of our collaboration with Amazon that started in Bengaluru and will help transform a significant number of Amazon’s last-mile delivery fleet to EVs and encourage the e-commerce industry to decarbonize last-mile logistics; actively.”

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