GM Expands its Collaboration with EVgo, Introduces Time and Cost Efficient Plug and Charge Technology

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GM is committed in providing an easy, efficient, and accessible EV-charging experience. We are on a mission to make EV charging as simple as filling up a gas tank. The company is expanding its collaboration with EVgo in order to add a Plug and Charge service into the Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem.

GM is the first OEM in North America to offer Plug and Charge, which is compatible with multiple public networks.

Plug and Charge make it easy for customers to charge their electric vehicles. Drivers who have an EVgo account and active OnStar connected services must activate Plug and Charge once they log in to the app. After activating the app, drivers can plug in their charging cable and energy will begin to flow to their vehicle. No additional steps are required.

The launch of Plug and Charge means that plug and charge is now available at almost all EVgo DC fast charging stations. GM plans on expanding the service to all DC fast-charging stations within the Ultium Charge 360 network. Plug and Charge is compatible with all current and future GM EVs that are built on the Ultium Platform. This includes the GMC HUMMER EV and Cadillac LYRIQ. It works with Chevrolet Bolt EVs, Bolt EUVs that have DC fast-charging capability and is one of the most affordable EVs in America today.

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The company understands that charging is a key pillar of EV ownership. Plug and Charge builds on GM’s previous commitment to invest almost $750 million in charging infrastructure via the Ultium Charge360 ecosystem. Ultium Charge 360 integrates charging networks, GM vehicles mobile apps, and other products to make it easier for EV owners, fleets and dealers to charge their batteries.

Ultium Charge 360 gives GM EV drivers access to over 100,000 charging points across the U.S. GM has also added EVPassport and EVCS to its expanding network of 11 Ultium Charge 360 charging station operators in the last year.

GM continues to expand charging access. The company has partnered with EVgo in order to add more 3,250 fast chargers across the U.S. by 2025. The company plans to work with dealers to install more than 40,000 Level-2 chargers in communities throughout the U.S.

Hoss Hassani, GM vice-president of EV Ecosystem, stated that “we want to make the EV experience seamless” for all. “Our partnership with EVgo for Plug and Charge complements work with Ultium Charge 360 and forms part of our larger effort to expand charging infrastructure, education, and access this year.”

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