Stable and Enel X Way Join Hands for EV Charging Site Selection

an electric car charging

Enel X Way’s global smart e–mobility platform has selected Stable to analyze electric vehicle charging usage and determine where potential charging sites are located. Enel X’s Software will allow them to expand their network of EV charging stations in North America. They will provide data-driven predictions for municipalities and businesses, and help them make informed decisions about the viability of any particular location.

Stable’s Machine Learning models use millions of real-life charging sessions to analyze how traffic, EV sales and income impact site utilization. Stable’s software combines all that knowledge into an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to quickly understand the performance of new sites and analyze demand for EV chargers.

Elise Benoit is Head of Marketing and Commercial Communications at Enel X Way North America. “EV sales are continuing to skyrocket,” she said. To accelerate transportation electrification, it is crucial to improve access to EV charging infrastructure. The insights Stable’s software gives Enel X Way to identify charging stations most in demand. This will allow Enel X Way to expand its EV charging station network throughout North America. It also helps our customers make better decisions and support greater decarbonization efforts.

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Rohan Puri, co-founder of Stable and CEO of Stable, said that it was an honor to assist Enel X Way with its highly complicated profitability puzzle. He explained that charging stations should be prioritized across large portfolios before millions of dollars are spent on their installation. We’re collectively setting up next-generation charging stations by sharing information about EV penetration, charging competition, and our overall charger usage.

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