Greaves Electric Mobility Sells 7500 Units In October


Greaves Electric Mobility reported that sales increased to over 7500 units in October. The month-on-month increase in sales demonstrates brand acceptability and demand. Here, sizeable demand is emerging from non-metro regions.

The recently launched Magnus EX is receiving a positive response from the customers, therefore leading to more bookings and sales.

Magnus EX model has an extra range of up to 121 kilometers, with one charge providing three days of comfortable running. Not just the product sales, the company is experiencing an uptick in dealership inquiries- Greaves electric mobility has received over 5,000 enquiries for potential dealership opportunities from multiple towns and cities across the country.

Greaves is consciously developing an ecosystem of choice, convenience, and experience. The company is aiming to provide the best experience and help customers move ahead to fulfil their dreams while meeting smart everyday mobility requirements in a more sustainable manner.

Greaves is the E-Mobility arm of Greaves Cotton Limited and one of the market leaders in the E-2W and E-3W segments.

These products will include e-scooters, e-cycles, e-autos, eloaders, and e-rickshaws, and retrofitted accessories for both personal and commercial use- because of the heavy-duty and durable vehicles, a large portion of B2B customers is choosing brand’s products.

Greaves currently has an unmatched retail footprint with nearly 7000+ touchpoints, 12,000 mechanics on staff, and a dedicated on-call support team to meet the demands of EV consumers.

Furthermore, Greaves Finance, the company’s non-banking financing arm, is working to provide personal electric mobility options to every individual.

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