CATL and Trailer Dynamics GmbH sign a battery supply agreement to electrify long-haul trucks in Europe


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Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) and Trailer Dynamics GmbH (Trailer Dynamics) have signed a battery supply agreement for a new way to electrify long-haul trucks. According to the agreement, CATL will develop, manufacture, and supply batteries for the Newton eTrailer, which will launch in 2023 to promote sustainable road transport development in Europe.

CATL is providing a stable supply of batteries to Trailer Dynamics to satisfy Europe’s  greenhouse gas emission requirements by reducing diesel consumption and carbon emissions. The Newton eTrailer, Trailer Dynamics’s first electric semi-trailer model, is designed to respond to the driving behavior of its coupled tractor using integrated electric drive trains and provides support for it through an integrated electric transmission system, managing the electrical energy resources intelligently along the entire route. Both sides creatively apply the batteries to semi-trailers, while improving efficiency and also lowering operating expenses.

Li Xiaoning, Executive President of Overseas Commercial Application of CATL commented that, CATL always provided customers with the most suitable and valuable solution to promote e-mobility. Trailer Dynamics promoted the electrification of road transport with smart and advanced solutions. Together with Trailer Dynamics, the frontrunner of truck electrification, the company is accelerating the development and population of European e-mobility. CATL believes that cooperation is a milestone in the area of zero-emission logistics for long-haul trucks

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To meet the requirements of high efficiency under the complex working conditions for long-haul trucks, CATL is developing a 300 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with cell to pack (CTP) technology and cooling liquid for the Newton eTrailer. The LFP chemistry system features an extraordinary long cycle life and a high thermal runaway temperature of up to 800°C. Together with liquid cooling technology, it enables products’ outstanding performance in safety and reliability, as well as a wide working temperature range. Besides, applying the advanced CTP technology, the Newton eTrailer has a higher product efficiency and can achieve 155Wh/kg system energy density. Under Europe’s tough emission rules, the Newton eTrailer with CATL battery systems will become a very competitive product thanks to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a better experience for end-users.

Michael Nimtsch, the co-founder of Trailer Dynamics stated that, benefiting from the leading technological quality and strength of CATL, the cooperation would appreciate the position of Trailer Dynamics as a frontrunner in the area of electrified long-haul trailers.

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A high-quality, high-performing durable battery is a central USP (Unique Selling Point) that made the crucial difference to all other competing concepts in the long-haul industry. CATL, with its very high-quality components, on their side was a very easy choice they had to make, said Abdullah Jaber, CEO of Trailer Dynamics.

Further discussion of cooperation on future models is being expanded between CATL and Trailer Dynamics.

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