EVOCHARGE Encourages Informed Investment in EV Charging


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EVOCHARGE, a brand of Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) and a pioneer in the North American electric vehicle charging station industry, addresses multiple challenges faced by multi-family housing and commercial environments in its newly released white paper titled “Improve Your Property with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations”.

For wide-spread adoption, charging electric vehicles needs to be as easy and convenient as filling up an internal combustion engine. Multi-family housing and commercial environments, however, pose unique benefits and challenges when it comes to hosting EV charging infrastructure. There are efficiencies and cost savings associated with EV charging for those markets that can be addressed by electrical load balancing or Local Load Management (LLM). EV charging electrical load balancing is a technique used to distribute electrical loads uniformly across the electrical supply to optimize building efficiency, reliability and capacity.

Through the use of EVOCHARGE’s LLM capabilities, significantly higher densities of EV charging stations can be installed using a buildings existing electrical capacity so that charging power is distributed equally across all electric vehicles being charged or alternatively, to distribute load based on a first in, first served system. This capability delivers a means to maximize the number of charging station installations which results in lower installation costs and avoids cost-intensive, one-off increases in connection capacity all while preventing peak loads that often result in higher electrical demand charges.

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Additionally, federal, state, and local incentives, combined with electric utility rebate programs, make EV charging more appealing by offering a range of tax credits, rebates and grants for reducing the cost of purchasing and installing EV charging infrastructure.

The EVOCHARGE white paper outlines how to make an informed investment in EV charging infrastructure.

The “Improve Your Property with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” white paper can be downloaded and read in its entirety here: https://phillipsandtemro.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/0030-EVOCHARGE-OCPP-Whitepaper-web.pdf

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