Honda’s E Electric Vehicle Takes the World by Storm


Honda recently launched an adorable electric city cruiser that just works in everything. Despite its rather compact form factor, the Honda E has garnered a reputable name for itself. Well before mass production became the focus of discussions, the lightweight, all-electric Honda E city car captured everyone’s interest with its curious mix of classic styling and fresh-wave innovation.

It’s debut in September the year before, Honda confirmed all sorts of information and features it expects for this upcoming E electric vehicle which should be available for purchase in Europe this summer. The E would contend against the Fiat 500e and the Mini Cooper SE, lightweight city-oriented EVs.

With this year’s E roll out, Honda will begin to make strides in electrifying the full European range by 2022. In the course of the next three years, Honda plans to launch six electrically powered vehicles in Europe, including the E, a compact Jazz (specified in the United States as the Fit), a “stylish Crossover,” and then another charging-electric vehicle’s plan of release later.

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Even though the Honda E gained the American press’ acclaim for the resemblance of its first version to its fresh, innovative futuristic concept, Honda is just planning to sell the new model in Europe. However, this new wave is reminiscent of old nostalgic cues that are rare in the modern auto market. A director at Honda stated in the last year to Jalopnik that the venture was actually going to return the small hatchback wave. However, there were fears that it would not catch on in the market due to low demand

Up until the Honda E production model was introduced in September, we have learned a lot regarding the current pricing, design, technological features and road-level performance of the new EV. The official launch this week and the first-line reviews published in conjunction with its complete picture.

The Honda E comes in two trims, an Advance trim featuring wider alloy wheels and higher power output with extra technological features. Advance comes with a 152 horsepower (113kw) and (314Nm) torque producing electric motor. This powerful motor launches the car from 0-60mph in a benchmarked 8.3 seconds

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A base model Honda E is also available that features an electric motor making 134 HP(109Kw) and of torque with a claimed launch of 0-60mphr in 9 seconds. Both versions come with a 50:50 power ratio distribution and a unique feature 4.3- meter turning radius to help maneuver around tight city corners.

Despite its rather nimble aesthetics, the Honda E has quickly become a household name among retro car lovers who want to embrace the new without losing much of the old. It is yet to be seen how well the E will fair in the much competitive market. However, it has begun on a sound footing.

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