Hyundai Motor Expands Electrification Focus with New EV-Centric Plant in Ulsan, Embracing Brand Legacy

(the eighth from left) Euisun Chung, Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group; (the sixth from left) Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company; (the seventh from left) Youngjin Jang, First Vice Minister of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy; (the ninth from left) Doo-gyeom Kim, Ulsan Metropolitan City Mayor; (the fourth from left) Giorgetto Giugiaro, Legendary Modern Automotive Designer;

Hyundai Motor Company initiated a pivotal phase in its electric vehicle (EV) endeavors with a groundbreaking ceremony for a new EV-centric plant within the Ulsan complex, situated at the heart of South Korea’s automotive industry. This development aims to set the stage for future growth in the electrification era, building upon the legacy established by Hyundai Motor’s Founding Chairman over five decades ago.

“The establishment of the new EV-dedicated Plant in Ulsan marks the commencement of a promising era for the next 50 years and the electrification age. It’s an honor to envision our company’s century-long dream starting right here,” expressed Executive Chair Chung. “As Ulsan emerged as an automotive city through our past aspiration to create the finest vehicles, I believe it will transform into an innovative mobility hub leading the charge in the electrification era, beginning with this dedicated EV facility.”

This new plant is designed to prioritize the well-being of its workforce, offering a human-centered environment coupled with an innovative manufacturing platform to enhance employee experiences. Moreover, it will serve as Hyundai Motor’s focal point for mobility production amid the electrification era, positioning the Ulsan Plant complex as a cornerstone for future mobility manufacturing.

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The commencement of construction for this EV-centric facility underscores Hyundai Motor’s commitment to spearheading the transition to electric mobility while fostering a technologically advanced and employee-centric manufacturing environment.

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