Revfin and Shoffr Transforming Urban Mobility and Advancing Financial Inclusion


Revfin, a prominent advocate for financial inclusion in India, and Shoffr, a distinguished EV taxi service headquartered in Bangalore, have disclosed a significant collaborative achievement following Shoffr’s successful inaugural year in operation.

Since its inception in November 2022, Shoffr has emerged as the premier standard for rides, renowned for its exceptional service, amiable drivers, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In alliance with Revfin, which initially provided Shoffr with four BYD e6 electric vehicles, the Shoffr fleet has now expanded impressively to over 40 electric vehicles, all models of the BYD e6. This substantial growth underscores the joint commitment and visionary outlook shared between Revfin and Shoffr, aimed at revolutionizing urban mobility.

The augmentation of Shoffr’s fleet not only signifies an increase in size but also attests to its outstanding performance metrics, consistently maintaining asset utilization levels above 75%. Having traversed over a million clean kilometers through thousands of rides, the Shoffr fleet reaffirms its dedication to delivering efficient and sustainable transport solutions in Bangalore.

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In addition, both Revfin and Shoffr acknowledge the impact on drivers, advocating for a more conducive work environment, improved compensation, and an elevated quality of life, thereby contributing significantly to societal advancement.

The partnership places a strong emphasis on environmental impact. Collaboratively, they aim not only to expand operations within Bangalore but also beyond, with a vision to deploy a fleet of electric vehicles poised to substantially diminish carbon emissions.

Vision and Collaborative Endeavors:

The collective vision of Revfin and Shoffr seeks to revolutionize the transportation sector by deploying a fleet that not only enhances customer experience but also champions environmental sustainability. Their joint commitment revolves around augmenting urban mobility while curtailing the carbon footprint, marking a crucial stride towards a more sustainable future.

Sameer Aggarwal, CEO, and Founder at Revfin, expressed, “Through our partnership with Shoffr, we’re not merely redefining transportation; we’re reshaping the urban mobility landscape. Our joint efforts mark a significant step towards a future wherein financial inclusion and sustainable transportation seamlessly intertwine.”

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Vikas Bardia, Founder & CEO of Shoffr, remarked, “Shoffr’s commendable journey within just one year has established it as the foremost choice for commuters in Bangalore. RevFin’s early belief in Shoffr has been invaluable, and we’re thrilled to fortify our partnership as we continue to evolve.”

Enthusiastic about the future, both Revfin and Shoffr are keenly focused on expanding their presence in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities. Their joint roadmap emphasizes enhancing service quality, fortifying environmental sustainability, and fostering a more inclusive urban transport system.

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