E-Bike Market Expected to Exceed 110 Billion by 2030 on a Global Scale


ResearchAndMarkets Adds Global E-Bike Market Outlook to 2027 Report and highlights a robust surge in the global electric bike (E-bike) industry. Presently valued at over $35 billion in 2022, the sector is poised to surpass $110 billion by 2030, exhibiting a noteworthy Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2022 to 2027. This growth trajectory is predominantly steered by the rising popularity of E-bikes, a conscientious consumer base, and the escalating costs associated with traditional fossil fuels.

Market Dynamics

The E-bike market displays a fragmented landscape, with the top five companies collectively holding a 25.60% market share. Prominent players encompass Aima Technology Group Co. Ltd, Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Merida Industry Co. Ltd, Yadea Group Holdings Ltd, and Yamaha Bicycles. Market expansion is bolstered by substantial investments in brand promotion, endorsements by influential figures, and heightened awareness concerning eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

Government Initiatives and Environmental Focus

Governments globally are incentivizing the adoption of electric bikes as part of initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and counteract the detrimental impact of conventional fuel-powered vehicles. The persistent concern over escalating global carbon emissions has spurred the demand for electric vehicles, including E-bikes.

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Segment Analysis

Propulsion Type: The pedal-assist segment holds sway in the market, attributed to its extended battery life, reduced maintenance requirements, and versatile mode options. However, the throttle segment is anticipated to register higher growth rates in the forthcoming years.

Battery Type: Lithium-ion batteries dominate this segment due to their superior capacity and efficiency. Their elevated voltage capacity compared to other battery types positions them as a preferred choice within the E-bike market.

Key Companies Highlighted

Yadea Group

Giant Manufacturing

Merida Industries


Aima Technology

Ola Electric


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