TVS Motor Company Unveils Innovative Premium Electric Crossover, TVS X, Establishing New Global EV Industry Standards


Reflecting its unwavering dedication to providing sustainable mobility solutions on a global scale, TVS Motor Company, a distinguished manufacturer of two and three-wheelers, has officially introduced the highly anticipated TVS X. This flagship crossover electric vehicle (EV) stands out with a plethora of pioneering features, marking a revolutionary leap forward. The TVS X not only redefines the global electric mobility industry through its striking design, unparalleled performance, and state-of-the-art technological innovations but also carves out a distinctive niche within the electric mobility sector. Leading the charge in sustainable mobility solutions, TVS Motor Company aspires to reshape the EV landscape and reaffirm its commitment to a cleaner and more eco-friendly future.

In an era marked by a rapid surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption across the world, the TVS X is poised to assume a pivotal role in establishing a distinct presence within the EV industry. Boasting rider-centric engineering that fosters an unparalleled unity between the rider and the machine, this sleek and efficient creation has been meticulously developed from scratch at TVS Motor’s cutting-edge research and development facility. Originating, conceived, and manufactured in India, the TVS X is equipped with a robust electric motor and advanced battery technology. This promises not just exhilarating acceleration but also an impressive range, ensuring convenience and comfort, rendering it a highly sought-after zero-emission solution for sophisticated electric mobility. As the flagship EV from TVS Motor, it doesn’t merely deliver outstanding performance; it also incorporates a range of safety features, including several pioneering offerings that align with its mission of crafting an environmentally friendly, intuitive, and technology-driven product. The TVS X is tailored for the young Indian generation, who are trendsetters on a global scale.

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Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director, TVS Motor Company said, “Our dedication to harness technology and innovation towards a greener and more sustainable future has brought to us this incredibly desirable machine. This launch marks a defining moment in TVS Motors’ journey of showcasing a made-in-India EV, the TVS X. It has been designed for the global citizens, who are trendsetters and visionaries with a passion for technology. It is set to inspire a shift towards premium yet sustainable and technologically advancedmobility solutions. Itleadsthe way to become a global benchmark for a machine that is born electric. The TVS X embodies innovation with a disruptive mindset. It has sustainability at its core and embodies the next era of clean mobility. With its remarkable performance, premium aesthetics, and integrated, intuitive, and personalised experiences, we believe it will redefine mobility worldwide.”

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