Electric Vehicle Surge Outpaces Charging Infrastructure: Over 27 Lakh EVs Registered, Only 8,738 Charging Stations Operational


As of July 14, 2023, electric vehicles account for a mere 0.8% of the total registered vehicles in India, despite the government’s efforts to promote greener transportation since 2015.

Among the slightly over 34 crore vehicles registered in the country’s e-vahan portal, only around 27 lakh vehicles are registered as electric.

Delhi leads all states with the highest number of electric vehicles, representing 2.71% of the total vehicles registered in the capital. Assam and Tripura are the only other states with over 2% electric vehicles.

Despite the growing interest in electric vehicles, there are only 8,738 operational public charging stations in the country, raising the need for further infrastructure development under the FAME India scheme, which has budgetary support of Rs 10,000 crores for a five-year period starting April 1, 2019.

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