Toyota Kirloskar Motor Honored with ‘CII GreenCo Platinum Company’ Award for Environmental Excellence and Sustainable Leadership


Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to adopting the best sustainable practices, earning the prestigious ‘GreenCo Platinum Company’ recognition from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). This accolade highlights the company’s exceptional environmental performance system, which extends throughout its entire value chain, encompassing products, services, and processes. Today, at the GreenCo Summit 2023 held in Pune, TKM was presented with the GreenCo Platinum Company Plaque & Certificate. Mr. B. Padmanabha, Associate Executive Vice President – Manufacturing of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, received the award in the esteemed presence of Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar, Former Director-General of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), and Mr. Jamshyd Naoroji Godrej, Managing Director & Chairman of Godrej & Boyce and Chairman of CII-Godrej Green Business Centre. This recognition underscores TKM’s dedication to environmental excellence and sustainable leadership.

TKM’s distinguished accomplishment showcases its unwavering commitment to environmental standards, solidifying its position as a prominent and sustainable industry leader. Over the years, TKM has implemented various assessment tools and systems to evaluate its performance and promote sustainability throughout the organization. One such commendable initiative is the GreenCo Rating system, which encompasses a wide range of parameters including Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Renewable Energy, GHG Mitigation, Waste Management, Material Conservation/Recycling/Recyclability, Green Supply Chain, Product Stewardship, Lifecycle Assessment, Biodiversity, and more. By employing a life-cycle approach, TKM ensures that all eco-activities align seamlessly with these defined frameworks.

Participating in this rigorous assessment exemplifies TKM’s stringent adherence to diverse national and international environmental standards, which also reflects the company’s proactive approach to meeting future regulatory requirements. The esteemed GreenCo Platinum Company award, valid for three years, entails annual reviews and re-certification to identify any gaps and facilitate the timely implementation of necessary environmental actions. This proactive and comprehensive approach underscores TKM’s continuous pursuit of excellence in environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

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TKM has previously been bestowed with the coveted awards namely CII Sustainability Award (2012-2015), CII Environment Domain Excellence Award (2018), CII CAP 2.0 (2019 & 2022), CII SR Award for Waste Management (2021), CII National EHS Award (2022), Certificate of Recognition for the submission of Energy Compact (EC) goals by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), CII-ITC Sustainability Awards 2022 for ‘Excellence in Biodiversity’ and so forth.

The CII Panel lauded Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s outstanding achievement in receiving the prestigious ‘GreenCo Platinum Company’ Award. In recognition of their remarkable accomplishment, the panel extended their heartfelt congratulations to TKM for its unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability. By embracing the comprehensive framework of the GreenCo rating system, TKM has demonstrated exemplary commitment to shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

The panel further commended TKM’s proactive approach in addressing sustainability across the entire value chain, setting a shining example for the industry. This milestone stands as a testament to TKM’s visionary leadership and steadfast efforts in fostering a harmonious coexistence between business operations and the environment. Through their exceptional dedication to environmental norms, TKM has solidified its position as a sustainable industry leader, inspiring others to follow suit in creating a better and greener world for all.

During the CII GreenCo Summit 2023, Mr. B. Padmanabha, Associate Executive Vice President – Manufacturing at Toyota Kirloskar Motor, expressed the company’s strong commitment to corporate responsibility and driving positive change in environmental sustainability. By leveraging various assessment tools and systems, TKM has continually strived to enhance its environmental performance.

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Receiving the prestigious ‘GreenCo Platinum Company’ award stands as a testament to TKM’s dedication in working towards a carbon-neutral society. Being at the forefront of environmental friendliness, the company has set new standards and serves as an inspiration to others, including suppliers, dealers, and society as a whole. Emphasizing their core promise to “Live in Harmony with Nature,” TKM remains steadfast in developing innovative solutions to preserve our planet for future generations. Through this recognition, TKM reaffirms its position as a leader in environmental stewardship and continues to pave the way for sustainable practices in the automotive industry and beyond.

In 2015, Toyota took on the ambitious Global Environmental Challenge 2050, encompassing six key environmental challenges that extend across its entire value chain, including manufacturing activities. This commitment involves promoting a recycling-based society, reducing water consumption, and contributing to the development of a society in harmony with nature.

Notably, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has achieved significant milestones in line with this initiative. These achievements include attaining 100% renewable energy in grid electricity, marking a remarkable step towards sustainability. Moreover, TKM has demonstrated its commitment to water conservation by reducing freshwater dependency by an impressive 89%.

TKM’s proactive approach to waste management is commendable, with an effective implementation of the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (3Rs) concept in the manufacturing process, leading to the recycling of 96% of waste generated. The company has also embraced the principles of the circular economy in areas such as steel, battery, and aluminum, promoting resource efficiency.

In harmony with nature, TKM has undertaken a significant plantation drive, resulting in the creation of a dense forest within its premises, boasting over 3,28,000 trees, using the unique ‘Miyawaki’ concept. Additionally, TKM’s dedication to environmental education is evident through the establishment of the ‘Ecozone,’ a unique eco-learning center located in the Bidadi plant facility. The focus on developing eco champions, especially among young minds, is an essential part of TKM’s sustainability vision.

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Through these exemplary initiatives, Toyota Kirloskar Motor reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship and setting new standards in the automotive industry while nurturing a sustainable and greener future for generations to come.

As the company advances with these good results, it continues to share their key learnings, experiences and best practices across its value chain including the dealers and suppliers for the larger benefit of the society. In parallel, more conscious efforts are underway and Toyota’s core guiding principles continue to steer us to go beyond in providing sustainable ’Mobility for All’ and ‘Leave No One Behind’, thereby producing ‘Mass Happiness for All’.

Overview of TKM:

Equity participationToyota Motor Corporation (Japan): 89%, Kirloskar Systems Limited (India): 11%
Number of employeesApprox. 6,000
Land areaApprox. 432 acres (approx.1,700,000 m2)
Building area74,000 m2
Total Installed Production capacityUp to 3,10,000 units

Overview of TKM 1st Plant:

EstablishedOctober 1997 (start of production: December 1999)
ProductsInnova HyCross , Innova Crysta , Fortuner manufactured in India.
Installed Production capacityUp to 1,00,000 units

Overview of TKM 2nd Plant:

Start of ProductionDecember 2010
LocationOn the site of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited, Bidadi
ProductsToyota Camry Hybrid, Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Hilux
Installed Production capacityUp to 2,10,000 units

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