Mumbai Airport Replaces 45 Fossil Fuel Vehicles With EVs

A file photo of Mumbai Airport has now replaced 45 fossil fuel vehicles with Electric Vehicles.

The first batch of electric vehicles was introduced at the CSMIA, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai.

CSMIA introduced 45 EVs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. This was in addition to replacing its fleet of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This is part of the airport’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint as well as promote sustainable transport. CSMIA plans to replace all its combustion-powered vehicles with EVs in its Operational Net Zero mission, which will be completed by 2029.

CSMIA will also be introducing 45 EVs in January. It is also looking at the possibility of deploying 60 additional EVs in the next financial year. This includes ambulances, forward command posts, security and airside operations, and maintenance utility vehicles.

These vehicles will be replaced in a gradual manner.

According to CSMIA’s spokesperson, “With each green program that an airport initiates it brings us great joy to be able to contribute to the aviation industry‚Äôs journey towards a sustainable future. CSMIA is committed to being a responsible airport service provider. The airport’s carbon footprint will be reduced by switching to electric vehicles. CSMIA is proud of its vision and mission to create an environment that will accelerate its progress towards carbon neutrality.

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The airport recently installed twelve DC fast EV charging stations at P1 – Multi-level car parking at T2 – and Airside of CSMIA. According to the CSMIA, this initiative will reduce around 25% of greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels in mobility.

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