Log9 Mobility Partners With Pulse Energy For WhatsApp Payment Portal

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Log9 Mobility, a subsidiary of Log9 Materials and a Bengaluru-based startup that specializes in deep-tech and advanced batteries, has teamed up with Pulse Energy to create the first WhatsApp-based payment portal for EV charging.

This platform offers access to over 550 fast-charging points in India. The partnership aims to offer a single-stop solution for charging station payments, thereby increasing the EV user base.

Initially, drivers of electric three-wheelers will be able to use the WhatsApp payment option. Later, it will be available for two-wheelers and four-wheelers EVs.

Log9 Mobility’s COO and Co-founder Kartik Hajela stated, “I am certain that this partnership with Pulse will enable EV users to enjoy an impeccable charging experience. This will eventually lead to the expansion of India’s charging infrastructure and EV mobility.”

Devang Mistry is the CTO & Co-Founder of Pulse Energy. He stated, “When looking at software providers in today’s charging market, we saw that everyone was selling white-labeled apps to CPOs who were willing and able to pay. We looked at the needs of EV users and the challenges they face because of multiple charging apps. We have seen a greater utilisation of chargers by CPOs and a happier EV driver.
To bring this payment option to EV users, Pulse Energy has partnered with WATI and WhatsApp@Meta.

Ravi Garg (Director, Business Messaging at WhatsApp India) stated that “we are thrilled to partner with Pulse Energie and Log9 Mobility to allow users to charge their EVs seamlessly through the WhatsApp Business platform and its integrated payment solution.” WhatsApp is proud to have played a significant role in empowering customers in India’s evolving EV ecosystem.

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