Ather Energy Opens Its Experience Center In Patna


Ather Energy, India’s top electric scooter manufacturer, is now selling in Bihar. Ather Space in Rukanpura (Patna) has been inaugurated. Ather’s new flagship scooters, the Ather 450X & 450 Plus, will be available to test ride and purchase at Ather Space. This space was created in collaboration with Alankar Energy Pvt Ltd.

Ather Space, also known as the Experience Centre, offers a dynamic, tactile and interactive space where customers can learn about all aspects of the scooter and see the engineering and mechanical work that goes into it. Patna residents will enjoy a unique ownership experience and full support. Before visiting Ather Space, consumers can book test rides on the company’s site.

Ather Energy’s 2022 growth was phenomenal, with a 20% Y-o-Y increase (April-October), in active Ather scooters. In October, the company delivered 8213 units and had its best month-end sales. The company has opened a second manufacturing plant in Hosur to meet rising demand. Ather currently has 69 Experience Centers in 56 Indian cities.

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Ather Energy Chief Business Officer Ravneet S Phokela spoke on the occasion. He said that EVs have become more popular and cost-effective modes of transportation, and offer a better ride and ownership experience. Customers are realizing the benefits of electric mobility and want to upgrade to electric scooters. The demand for our flagship scooters has increased dramatically across the country. With multiple pre-orders and test rides from the state, we have witnessed strong consumer demand. We are eager to expand into Bihar. Ather plans to expand into other cities throughout the state in the coming months.

Ashok Priyadarshee is the Director of Alankar Energy Private Limited. He said that “Alankar Energy proudly partners with Ather Energy and brings Ather Space in Patna, Bihar’s capital city.” This partnership between Alankar & Ather is important because both brands are backed up by a commitment beyond our customers’ expectations. Ather 450X and 450X are the most advanced electric vehicles in their segment, with intelligent features. We look forward to driving the electric revolution here in Bihar with Ather.”

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Ather Energy is among the few OEMs that invest in charging infrastructure. Ather currently has 2 Ather Grids in its Experience Centre. In the next few months, Ather will add between 8-10 additional Ather Grids to ease range anxiety and facilitate a smooth transition to EVs. Over 600 fast-charging stations are available in the country. By FY23, 1400 Ather Grids will be installed. Customers can also get home charging systems installed by Ather Energy.

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