Panache Digilife Set To Manufacture Revamp Moto’s Electric Vehicles In India

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Panache Digilife was locked at a 10% higher circuit at Rs. 81.25 after Revamp Moto announced a manufacturing and supply agreement for their modular electric vehicles in India.

Revamp Moto, a Nashik-based start-up, is involved in the development of electric vehicles using its modular utility platforms. It aims to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission society.

Each party will focus on its strengths through this association. Revamp Moto will work on new product development, research, development, and the generation of IPs.

Panache will be focusing on product assembly with process optimization, and indigenization to make it a player in the Indian electric vehicle market.

The alliance will allow Revamp and Panache to focus on their respective domains in order to indigenize EV manufacturing and assembly. This would not only increase transparency but also significantly speed up the process.

Panache Digilife’s chairman and managing director Amit Rambhia said Revamp Moto’s bold approach to building and designing electric vehicles, which is something that has never been seen in India, makes them an ideal partner.

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Panache is now able to enter the electric mobility market and expands its expertise in contract manufacturing. We are thrilled to work with Revamp Moto. Together, we will try to make mobility a better place in India by combining our efforts with products made in India.

Panache Digilife, an NSE-listed ICT/IoT device design, manufacturing, distribution, and services company, provides solutions for smart computing devices, wmart, AI-based digital classrooms, and smart asset management.

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