Neuron Energy Announces Strategic Partnership with EV Giant KLB Komaki Pvt. Ltd.

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Neuron Energy Announces Strategic Partnership with EV Giant KLB Komaki Pvt. Ltd.

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Neuron Energy Pvt Ltd, a bootstrapped start-up that has established itself in the battery manufacturing segment, supplying Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid batteries to the EV sector in India, has entered into a strategic partnership with KLB Komaki Pvt Ltd., a major player in the electric two-wheeler segment since 2016.

Under this partnership, Neuron Energy will deliver 15000 battery packs per year, generating an approximate revenue of INR 50 crores annually with a monthly order value of INR 4 crores. The Bluetooth enabled batteries are not just one of the most innovative offerings of Neuron but also possess the advantage of being repaired remotely.

“KLB Komaki Pvt. Ltd. Has been an established name in the two-wheeler segment with some exceptional product offerings. It gives us immense pleasure to partner with them and supply our best-in-class Bluetooth batteries. These batteries can also be repaired remotely which makes it more user-friendly. Through this partnership we aim to address a wider audience and enable them to transition towards a more sustainable and clean future through increased adoption of electric vehicles.

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“The electric vehicle market is expected to grow at 94.4% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in electric vehicle battery packs because they store energy. With our smart battery management system, we can provide the top-notch service to electric vehicle owners by combining battery pack monitoring accuracy, data acquisition, and fault checking.” said Pratik Kamdar Co-Founder Neuron Energy.

A wide range of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth is widely used in smartphones, speakers, laptops, and automobiles. Auto manufacturers are increasingly turning to this technology for their products. In recent years, major electric vehicles have begun incorporating battery management systems into their infotainment systems as factory-installed features, allowing smartphones to remain connected to the main server even when driving. By connecting the battery and charger via Bluetooth, a battery can be remotely repaired within six hours of reporting a complaint. In addition to providing complete transparency on the technical prowess of the battery and wall-mounted charger, Neurons’ Android-compliant app provides complete technical and functional details to the end-user.

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