Ather Grid With Magenta ChargeGrid To Install Ather Grid For Electric 2-Wheelers In India

A file photo of Ather Grid

Ather Grid, fast-charging network brand of Ather Energy signs an agreement with Magenta ChargeGrid, Indian electric vehicle charging brand for installing Ather Grid for electric 2-wheelers in India.

This collaboration of both the companies will provide Ather access to Magenta’s network of highways and Indian cities across the country. This will also boost the expansion of EV charging network and adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Currently, Magenta ChargeGrid is working to expand its network across 35-40 cities of India and it plans to have 11,000 chargers by the end of financial year 2023.

As of now, Ather Energy has 330+ fast charging points of Ather Grid and its plans to install 5,000 in the coming three years across the country.

Nilay Chandra, VP-Charging Infrastructure and Marketing, Ather Energy, said, “We understand that the growth and expansion of reliable charging infrastructure are critical to facilitate the adoption of EVs in India. Our partnership with Magenta is another step towards building this industry collaboration. It will bring increased convenience by setting up AtherGrids at hubs strategically identified by them. We will continue to lead the shaping of this industry with strategic partnerships on locations, connector standard collaborations, and working with the government on policy formulation.” 

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Maxson Lewis, Founder and Managing Director, Magenta said, “At Magenta ChargeGrid, we strive to accelerate EV adoption in the country by creating an end-to-end EV ecosystem. This collaborative approach with Ather Energy, shall further our vision and allow consumers to access our network of smart and safe charging stations across the country and encourage a seamless EV adoption. This partnership approach will not just help Ather and other OEM players to rapidly scale their network but also help them to optimise the investment required.”

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