Mercedes-Benz Arocs Is Now Available To Customers Of Latin America

Speziell angepasster Arocs 8x4 für Brasilien und Lateinamerika Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 with special adaptions for Latin America is now available to customers directly from Brazilian production

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  • Mercedes-Benz do Brasil expands its product portfolio dedicated to off-road trucks in Latin America
  • According to customers’ expectations, special adaptions designed and engineered by Mercedes-Benz do Brasil: The Arocs 8×4 withstands extreme operating situations, characterized by demanding terrains and challenging routes in Latin America.
  • New features revolutionize heavy civil construction and large infrastructure projects in the market.
  • Over 200 units have already been sold, the first deliveries planned this year.

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil launches the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8×4 specifically designed and engineered for Brazilian as well as Latin American customers. Based on the European model of the truck, this adapted version withstands extreme operating situations, characterized by demanding terrains and challenging routes in Latin America. Mercedes-Benz do Brasil developed the additional features in Brazil. The vehicle will also be exported, starting next year, to Latin America. With the Arocs 8×4 from Brazilian production, Daimler Truck strengthens its product portfolio in this important market with a customized and locally adapted product.

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“Something very important to us is that the Arocs 8×4 meets every requirement that we hear directly from our customers,” says Roberto Leoncini, Vice President of Trucks and Buses Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil. “So that’s why I never tire of saying: The roads speak, and Mercedes-Benz listens to every voice. The effort has been worth it: More than 200 units have already been sold in Brazil, and the first deliveries are scheduled for this year.”

Arocs 8×4 raises the level of strength and robustness of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Brazil

The Arocs 8×4 is equipped with a series of specific features, like off-the-road tires (OTR) with exclusive 5 tonnes reinforced wheels, a technical capacity to face up to 58 tons of gross vehicle weight rating, and 150 tons of maximum traction capacity, depending on the operating conditions to serve customer needs. The truck is prepared for dumping devices with 20 to 24 cubic meters of volumetric load capacity. In addition, the Arocs 8×4 has a gearbox with wider gears, increasing its strength and service life and different operation modes – e.g., “Economy” for fuel-saving or “Power Off-Road” for demanding terrain. The vehicle also has an optimized chassis that improves driving stability and rigidity. Further highlights of the Arocs 8×4 are an extra flexible step to enter the cabin easier, as well as fuel- and AdBlue-tanks, which can be fully fueled from one side of the truck and are made of high-strength plastic material.

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All adaptions were done based on important customer requests from Latin America. With its new features, the Arocs 8×4 will revolutionize off-road operations in Brazil and Latin America, especially in heavy civil construction and large infrastructure projects.

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