Camas’s Iconic Building Receives New SemaConnect Charging Stations


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A new amenity has come to the Camas Bike & Sport parking lot in Downtown Camas, thanks to Ed Fischer of GPS NW Realty Solutions and SemaConnect: electric vehicle charging stations. The two new SemaConnect charging stations are the latest update to the renovated 1930s building and are open to all EV drivers visiting downtown Camas.

The “Adeline” building was first built in 1938 and is now in its third life of service. Built by Dr. A.E. Bird to house his medical practice, the building was named for Dr. Bird’s wife Adeline and was later sold to American Savings and Loans in the mid-1970’s. A renovation and three banking institutions later, Ed and Katina Fischer purchased the property in 2013 for conversion into a bike shop. After selling Camas Bike & Sport in 2019, property owner Ed Fischer decided to look for new ways to further repurpose and upgrade the property. Electric vehicle charging stations were an obvious choice. The two new Level 2 charging stations from SemaConnect are installed on a dual pedestal between two of the bank’s drive-through banking lanes.

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“Before it was a bike shop, the Adeline was a bank, said Ed Fischer. “The drive-up ATM is still active, and we still had the electrical infrastructure and covered parking for the pneumatic tubes. EV charging stations were an easy way to repurpose our site and support local business in downtown Camas.”

The charging stations are now co-located with the ATM, putting all three of the prior bank drive-up stalls back into use.

Mr. Fischer continued, “Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in Camas, and drivers need reliable public charging stations. Our new SemaConnect charging stations were easy to install, and they include the network features that EV drivers in the Camas-Washougal region need. I’m excited to offer this new service for our city, and I invite other local business owners to join me in electrifying Camas.”

The two SemaConnect Series 6 charging stations are compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles in North America including Chevy, Tesla, Ford, and Nissan. Interactive LED lights show station status at a glance, and a “no assembly required” design allows simple installation at commercial properties like the Adeline Building. Most importantly for Fischer Investments and Camas’s EV drivers, the smart stations include the SemaConnect Network. Drivers will receive 24/7 customer service and SemaConnect’s Five Ways to Charge: SemaConnect Network Pass, SemaConnect App, mobile browser, automated phone system, or the PlugShare and ChargeHub applications. Fischer Investments will receive remote monitoring, custom access and pricing controls, and reports on usage and sustainability.

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“We’re pleased to help bring electric car charging back to Camas,” said Tony Sargent, senior vice president at SemaConnect. “Installing charging stations at a storied building such as the Adeline is evidence that with creativity and ingenuity, most buildings can be retrofitted to accommodate EV charging stations. What Ed did in repurposing existing electrical infrastructure sets a great example for other property owners looking to add charging stations as amenities to their properties.”

The two SemaConnect stations at Camas Bike and Sport are ready to charge all plug-in electric cars visiting Camas. Visit the SemaConnect app for live station status, pricing, and directions. 

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