Due To The Disruption In The Value Chain, The Supply Chain Had Dried Up And Impacted Small And Big Manufacturers, Thereby Impacting Industrial Output: Vivek Gosain, M G Motors


EMobility+ interviewed Mr. Vivek Gosain, General Manager -Manufacturing Engineering, M G Motors and got some insights on how the government can play an effective role in green mobility transition and what areas the industry must focus on to revive the sector. We also got insights on M G Motor’s manufacturing technology adoptions and future growth plans.

According to you, what are some important areas the industry should focus on post Covid?

Today the industry is on a revival path to Pre Covid level. Following should be the areas
where Industry should focus to overcome the impact of Covid 19.

Restoration of Supply chain
Due to the disruption in the Value chain, the supply chain had dried up and impacted
small and big Manufacturers, thereby impacting industrial output. Industry may look at
the concept of ‘Connected value chain’ which is one of the key differentiators for an
efficient manufacturing organization.

Dependence on Skilled manpower

Due to Lock down the skilled and semi-skilled manpower went for a mass migration leaving their work locations which created a very big roadblock in resuming the
production post lockdown, thereby meeting demand with quality were affected. This
experience has made the Industry realize the potential of Digitalization and smart
Manufacturing. Technologies like cloud -based data management, Big data and AI
and Industrial IoT are the need of the hour.

What is your growth plan for this year 2021?

In 2020, despite the Covid impact, we sold more vehicles than our Plan. While most of our competitors showcased negative growth, we continued to post a positive growth. For instance, in January,2021, we posted YoY growth of 15%. We have a very ambitious target for 2021 which we plan to achieve through further diversification of our offerings to the Customers and through capacity enhancement. We want to reduce the waiting period of our vehicles.

What are some latest manufacturing technologies being adopted at MG motors?

MG Motors has set up a New facility in the Erstwhile General Motors facility and has taken up green initiatives’ implementation as a responsibility towards the Environment and the Society. Basis our Global knowhow and basis country level Benchmarking, We have implemented LED and power saving lightings across our 170 Acres plant facility. MG Motor has installed energy efficient machines and Equipment like Friction conveyors which save power and are very efficient in operations. MGI has implemented an
intelligent mix of Human resources with Scalable Automation wherever necessary, such as, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Intelligent machines, Connected and Intelligent Plant floor systems under the ‘Smart Manufacturing’ concept. We have also installed Robots in such operations which are difficult to be executed by Man resources. Basically, we have done need based automations in our plant.

Read the full interview here: https://emobilityplus.com/2021/03/17/emobility-india-feb-2021-magazine/

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