CityQ Car-eBike – having comfort & technology of car and benefit of bicycle


As cities are restricting car traffic in inner cities, there is a growing need to shift from car transport towards cycling. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is even a need for good alternatives to over-crowded public transport.

Bicycling is the preferred alternative, but bad weather and lack of transport capability are major obstacles. Seventy percent of cyclists do not cycle in rain and frost.

That’s why many experts predict there will be a surge for weather-protected bicycles. CityQ is a front-runner among this new type of ebike – the Car-eBikes.

The Scandinavian ebike is developed to make bicycling more comfortable for everyone, even in the winter season and bad weather. It has window, roof and rotating side doors with the ability to be semi- or fully enclosed. 

Founder Morten Rynning commented that, CityQ was an ebike with the comfort and technology of a car and with the benefits of a bicycle. One can cycle two children and luggage door to door without having to worry about bad weather, car traffic or parking issues. Nor do anyone had to worry about hassle with mechanical gears and chains – as these have been replaced with a software-managed drivetrain – like we find in electric cars. That is why it is called CityQ a Car-eBike.

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The CityQ may look like a car – but it is not much larger than a bicycle. The width is only 87cm and the weight ca. 70kg. It is aligned with European regulations for ebikes and 3-4 wheel cargo ebikes. The driver has to pedal, and motors are limited to 250W and the max speed is 25kmh. With two batteries, it has a range of 70-100km.

CityQ has no chain or gears. Like an electric car – these mechanical parts have been replaced by software. This enables programming a range of convenient drive modes like reverse, cruise control, regenerating breaks, heavy cargo mode, and automatic gearing. 

As part of this software platform, CityQ includes an app to open/lock, track and even rent the Car-eBike.

CityQ has been developed for three years together with international partners and experts from both the car and bicycle industry as well as the IT industry. And CityQ is patenting its chassis for a lean four-wheel bicycle.

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As CityQ opens up for preordering – there are already close to 500 signed up for interest to buy the Car-eBike – especially from Germany, Scandinavia and Netherland. And there is also requests for fleets of CityQ for cargo transport and shared offering. CityQ has signed such agreements in Scandinavia, Baltics and the UK.

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