MOP Issues Revised Guidelines And Standards For EV Charging Infrastructure


The Ministry of Power has issued an amendment to its guidelines and standards for the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Guidelines and Standards for Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles were issued by the Ministry of Power on 14.12.2018 which were revised on 01.10.2019.

The new amendments added in the guideline are as follows:

1) The tariff for supply of electricity to EV Public Charging Station should not be more than 15% of the average cost of supply.

2) For all practical purposes, Battery Charging Station (BCS) shall be treated at par with Public Charging Station (PCS), and the applicable tariff for electricity supply shall also be the same as for PCS. In this regard, Public Charging Station (PCS) means an EV charging station where any electric vehicle can get its battery recharged and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) means an element in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that supplies electric energy for recharging the battery of electric vehicles.

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3)Captive Charging Station (CCS) will be owned or will be under the control of the owner of the charging station and it will not be used for commercial purposes. 

4) The highlight of the amendment is recognition of ‘Battery Swapping Stations’. which means a station where any electric vehicle can get its discharged battery or partially charged battery replaced by a charged battery.”

The following amendments were issued with the approval of the Minister of State (IC) for Power and New & Renewable Energy and the Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. 

Recently, Tata Power, India’s largest integrated utility and pioneer in the clean energy sector in the country expects to make its mark in the fast-emerging electric vehicle (EV) segment by creating a national network of charging infrastructure. As part of its plans to help the EV migration in India, Tata Power will be investing substantially to expand its network of smart EV charging points from around 170 now to over 700 by end of the current financial year under the Brand name of Tata Power EZ Charge.

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