Evbox Group Helps to Form New Emobility Alliance Chargeup Europe


ChargeUp Europe has been established by the three founding members EVBox Group, Allego and ChargePoint, and is already in the process of welcoming new members. The purpose of ChargeUp Europe is to enable a swift and efficient roll out of EV charging infrastructure in Europe. The alliance will work on realizing EU policies that support investment in charging infrastructure, help to remove market barriers, facilitate the smooth uptake of EVs, and create a seamless experience for EV drivers.

ChargeUp Europe forms at a time when demand for EVs is rising sharply, and the EU has set its sights on achieving, through the Green Deal, carbon neutrality by 2050—it is predicted that 44 million electric vehicles will be on European roads by 2030. To ensure that infrastructure development keeps pace with the growing uptake of EVs and can help with the shift to electric transportation, ChargeUp Europe will work toward establishing the right market conditions for incentivizing investment—while delivering a consumer-centric, open market model for charging infrastructure in Europe.

ChargeUp Europe has scheduled its launch event for the summer in Brussels. Given the current circumstances concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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