EVgo And Uber Announce Partnership To Accelerate Rideshare Electrification


Uber and EVgo, two advanced mobility leaders, today announced a new agreement to accelerate the electrification of rideshare across the U.S. The news that the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) was delivered during Climate Week at an event at the Midway in San Francisco featuring senior executives from Uber, EVgo, and other partners working to advance clean transportation in rideshare.

As the nation’s largest and most reliable public EV fast charging network – as well as the first U.S. public fast charging network to be powered 100% by renewable energy – EVgo is a natural partner for Uber to tackle the climate crisis.

“Promoting the transition to electrified rideshare will be the key to unlock Uber’s bold new climate commitments,” said Adam Gromis, Global Head of Sustainability at Uber. “Uber is thrilled to be partnering with EVgo, the leader in promoting rideshare electrification across the United States, to support the expansion of cleaner, greener transportation options.”

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“EVgo and Uber share a commitment to getting more drivers and passengers to experience the benefits of electric vehicles,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “Today’s announcement represents a big first step in a partnership between Uber and EVgo to help tackle the climate crisis by leveraging EVgo’s convenient and reliable fast charging nationwide network and deep experience in electrifying rideshare to deliver cleaner miles to Uber driver-partners, passengers, and the communities they serve.”

Today’s announcement codifies Uber and EVgo’s shared commitment to reduce pollution, increase economic access and mobility, and promote equity through transportation electrification. The first phase of the new MOU between Uber and EVgo will focus on supporting Uber driver-partners who currently drive electric vehicles through education and access to the nation’s largest and most reliable public fast charging network. Uber and EVgo will also work together to evaluate where more fast charging is needed and how to optimize charging behavior.

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The two companies will also work to develop a series of pilot programs to make it easier for Uber driver-partners to make the switch to an EV and to develop new partnerships to accelerate the electrified rideshare ecosystem, including integrations between the Uber and EVgo apps.

EVgo has more experience electrifying rideshare than any other charging company, including previous work with GM’s Maven Gig, WaiveCar, and Lyft.

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