Diverse Customers Announce Plans to Purchase BYD Battery Electric Buses in Canada


York University and Attridge Transportation in Ontario recently announced procurement awards for four Dreamer (commercial shuttle) Type D Battery Electric Buses from BYD Canada. Each customer will receive two BYD battery electric vehicles in coming months.

BYD has, for over a decade, been at the pinnacle of electric bus innovation and is committed to inspiring zero emission eMobility on a global scale.

The Government of Canada Incentives for Medium-Heavy-duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (iMHZEV) Program is helping BYD Canada customers to adopt our clean technology. “We are pleased to receive these awards and believe they are the first of many to come.” said Paul Bottrill, BYD Vice President for Public Transit Solutions. “It’s rewarding as this is such a highly competitive market segment that has seen little change in the last half-century.”

In October 2023, BYD introduced its latest generation of electric buses to the European market. The BYD pure-electric bus integrates the ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Blade Battery within the chassis structure. This ground-breaking Blade Battery Chassis technology also utilizes a new 6-in-1 controller with Silicon Carbide technology, together with two innovative wheel hub hairpin motors.

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Combined, these bring a multitude of benefits to buses made by BYD including enhanced energy efficiency, performance and durability. The Blade Battery, with a maximum capacity of 500 kWh, delivers an exceptional range of 600 km in one charge reducing the need for regular charging, making the BYD product an excellent choice for busy bus routes.

Worldwide, BYD has sold more than 85,000 battery electric buses, and over 5 million battery and hybrid automobile units.

“In Canada, our current customer base will be our strongest advocates, we are certain of this,” Bottrill said. “Drivers love BYD vehicles, We look forward to building Canada’s eMobility fleets.”

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