Warivo Motors Launches WARIVO STROMER: A High-Speed, Affordable Electric Scooter In India

Launch ceremony of Warivo Stromer- High Speed

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd has unveiled the WARIVO STROMER-HIGH SPEED VEHICLE. The launch event celebrated Indian innovation in electric mobility, showcasing Warivo’s commitment to affordability and high performance in the electric vehicle sector.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, Director of Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd, introduced the WARIVO STROMER, emphasizing its role in providing greener transportation solutions and setting a new benchmark for high-speed electric scooters in India. Established in 2018, Warivo Motors has become a prominent electric vehicle manufacturer, with a substantial number of their vehicles on Indian roads.

The WARIVO STROMER is powered by a 2.5 kWh high-performance Li-ion battery, delivering extended mileage on a single charge and a top speed of 55 km/h, ensuring an exciting and efficient riding experience. It offers two distinct riding modes, with the economy mode providing up to 100 km of travel per charge and the performance mode offering a range of 75 km per charge.

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The scooter comes equipped with various innovative features, including central locking with an anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, ‘Find My Scooter’ function, secure parking, battery information display, USB charger point, reverse gear, two-way speed control, side stand sensor, and a distance-to-charge indicator.

Warivo Motors has positioned the WARIVO STROMER at an attractive ex-showroom price of INR 92,490, ensuring affordability and accessibility for eco-conscious commuters. This launch marks a significant step in Warivo Motors’ commitment to sustainable and efficient mobility solutions and reinforces its ‘Make in India’ vision, positioning the company as an industry pioneer.

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