SUN Mobility And Bluwheelz Collaborate To Deploy 16,000 Electric Vehicles In India


SUN Mobility, a provider of battery-swapping solutions, has announced a partnership with Bluwheelz, an electric vehicle fleet operator, to introduce more than 16,000 electric vehicles (EVs) within the next 12 months.

As part of this collaboration, the companies aim to deploy more than 15,000 electric two-wheelers and 1,000 electric three-wheelers in metropolitan cities over the next year.

Additionally, they plan to convert over 1,000 existing 4-wheeler loader fleets of BluWheelz into electric vehicles within the same timeframe.

SUN Mobility CEO Anant Badjatya expressed their goal to promote sustainable transportation options, making cities cleaner and more livable.

Bluwheelz Chairman Sanjiv Gupta emphasized their shared mission to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in mid-mile and last-mile logistics throughout the country.

The deployment has already commenced in Delhi with nearly 500 vehicles on the road, and operations will soon expand to cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad.

SUN Mobility boasts a network of approximately 600 swap stations across the country, providing Bluwheelz customers with a convenient and seamless battery-swapping experience.

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