AIIMS-Delhi Enhances Clinical Team Mobility With 24/7 Electric Staff Car Service


In an effort to enable its clinical team to swiftly attend to patient care responsibilities, AIIMS-Delhi has announced the availability of electric staff cars 24/7 on its residential campuses. Dr. M Srinivas, the Director of AIIMS-Delhi, has been actively engaging with faculty and staff to understand their needs and concerns, as stated in the hospital’s announcement.

Through these interactions, a recurring issue affecting clinical team members residing in areas like Ayur Vigyan Nagar, Kidwai Nagar, Asiad Village, and Ansari Nagar West came to light. It was discovered that clinical team members in these regions often experienced significant delays when awaiting transportation to the main campus for urgent patient care duties. This not only resulted in the loss of valuable time but also caused additional mental stress for them.

In response, AIIMS-Delhi has taken decisive steps to address this challenge. The institution is pleased to announce that electric staff cars will now be accessible around the clock within the residential campuses of Ayur Vigyan Nagar, Kidwai Nagar, Asiad Village, and Ansari Nagar West, as stated in the announcement.

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To ensure smooth access to this service, AIIMS-Delhi will provide a dedicated mobile number for each driver on the campuses. This number will be shared with all faculty and staff members residing in official AIIMS accommodations outside the main campus, allowing them to easily request transportation when necessary. This significant development has been initiated through the collaborative efforts of AIIMS-Delhi, recognizing the crucial role played by its clinical team in delivering uninterrupted patient care.

With the introduction of this 24/7 electric staff car service, AIIMS aims to mitigate the transportation challenges faced by its staff and empower them to respond promptly to patient care responsibilities.

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