Empowering E-Mobility: SKIL Cabs And BluSmart Redefine Corporate EV Ride-Hailing In Delhi NCR And Bangalore With CABI

A file photo of BluSmart Mobility's electric vehicle

SKIL Cabs, a prominent player in India’s car rental industry, and BluSmart, India’s leading EV ride-hailing service, and EV charging infrastructure operator, have recently announced their strategic collaboration to redefine corporate car rentals with a strong emphasis on sustainability, reliability, and innovation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards cleaner and greener mobility options for corporate travellers.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the introduction of “CABI by SKIL Cabs,” an ambitious initiative aimed at transforming the landscape of corporate car rentals. Rooted in SKIL Cabs’ vision to become the Top Global Ground Mobility Company, CABI embodies the values of Comfort and Competence, Availability, Best-in-Class service, and Innovation. With a mission to seamlessly execute over 1 million annual trips by 2026, CABI aspires to establish the largest network capability in the industry. 

CABI is SKIL’s solution that challenges traditional car rental processes plagued by manual procedures, inconsistent pricing, ambiguous invoice generation, unprofessional chauffeurs, and compromised safety standards. By partnering with BluSmart EV cars, CABI seeks to promote sustainable mobility while delivering a superior and hassle-free experience to corporate travellers in Delhi NCR and Bangalore. 

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Vikash Kejriwal, COO, SKIL Cabs, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with BluSmart to drive a #rEVolution in corporate car rentals. Together, we aim to create a paradigm shift in the industry by offering sustainable solutions that align with our vision of a cleaner future.”

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