Argentina Invites India To Source Lithium Directly As India Embarks On Electric Mobility Journey


Argentina’s Ambassador to India, Mr. Hugo Javier Gobbi, has encouraged India to seek direct Lithium supplies from Argentina instead of relying on China as its primary supplier.

Speaking at an industry event, Ambassador Gobbi highlighted the strategic potential for cooperation between India and Argentina in the procurement of critical minerals such as Lithium and Copper, essential for electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable energy solutions. He emphasized that India’s substantial demand for these metals aligns with Argentina’s abundant reserves.

Currently, China serves as India’s leading supplier of Lithium, and Ambassador Gobbi urged India to diversify its sources by tapping into Argentina’s Lithium resources. His invitation extended to Indian companies to explore investment opportunities in Lithium Mining in Argentina.

Addressing the same event, Mr Devansh Jain, Chair of the Renewable Energy Committee at PHDCCI, emphasized the necessity of India’s transition to electric mobility for a sustainable future. He underscored the pivotal role of electric vehicles in reducing carbon footprints, enhancing air quality, and improving energy efficiency. Jain noted the evolving perception of internal combustion engines, once symbols of progress, now recognized as significant contributors to environmental degradation.

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Mr Ayush Lohia, CEO of Lohia Auto Industries, shared his optimism for India’s electric vehicle sector, predicting an impending EV revolution. He stressed the importance of skill development, particularly in Electromechanical Engineering, research and development (R&D), and customer service to facilitate India’s EV revolution.

Ambassador Gobbi’s call to source Lithium directly from Argentina aligns with the growing momentum for sustainable mobility and a cleaner, greener energy future in India.

The event shed light on the growing significance of electric mobility in India, with Ambassador Gobbi’s call to source Lithium directly from Argentina serving as a noteworthy development in the quest for sustainable transportation solutions.

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