MY EV Store Unveils ‘IME Rapid’ Electric Scooter In India

A file photo of MY EV Store Unveils IME Rapid

In a groundbreaking move, MY EV Store, a renowned name in India’s multi-brand e-mobility retail sector, has launched its flagship electric two-wheeler, the IME Rapid. This premier electric scooter stands out with an incredible single-charge range of 300 kilometers and a top speed of 80 km/hr, addressing the widespread concern of range anxiety in electric vehicles (EVs).

The IME Rapid achieves this remarkable feat thanks to MY EV Store’s proprietary Smart Range Technology (SRT). SRT leverages real-time data, including battery status, weather conditions, traffic, and driving patterns, to provide highly accurate range predictions. By eliminating range anxiety, this technological advancement aims to encourage EV adoption and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Founder and Managing Director of MY EV Store, Mr Puneeth Gowda, emphasized the urgency of addressing air pollution in India and the pivotal role EVs play. He stated, “With the IME Rapid, we have shattered this barrier and introduced a scooter that surpasses all previous benchmarks, making sustainable transportation not only viable but also convenient.”

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Initially launching in Bengaluru, the IME Rapid will expand its presence across Karnataka. MY EV Store is adopting a franchise-owned company-operated (FOCO) model for its Bengaluru launch and plans to introduce the IME Rapid in 15 to 20 cities across the state.

India’s electric two-wheeler industry is poised for exponential growth, with projections of 22 million units sold by 2030. However, the persistent issue of range anxiety hinders EV adoption. The IME Rapid’s launch comes at a crucial time, aiming to rebuild consumer confidence in e-mobility solutions.

The IME Rapid offers three distinct variants with ranges of 100, 200, and an impressive 300 kilometers. Equipped with a 2000 W motor and battery capacities of 60V-26/52/72 AH, the scooter combines efficiency and performance, boasting a top speed of 80 km/hr. MY EV Store ensures hassle-free servicing by offering warranties and readily available spare parts across Bengaluru.

To make EVs accessible to a wider audience, MY EV Store has partnered with prominent financial institutions like Kotak Mahindra, Shriram Finance, and Manappuram Finance, providing attractive and simplified financial schemes. The IME Rapid variants are priced between Rs. 99,000 and Rs. 1.48 lakh to cater to diverse customer preferences.

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MY EV Store’s journey began in 2022 as a platform selling various electric vehicle brands. In a short period, it has expanded to over 60 retail outlets in Bengaluru. The launch of the IME Rapid marks a significant milestone as MY EV Store ventures into manufacturing its own EV brand, symbolizing its dedication to shaping India’s sustainable mobility future.

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