Delhi To Roll Out 400 Electric Buses Before G20 Summit


Around 400 electric buses are set to be introduced on the streets of Delhi prior to the G20 Summit, with some of them being deployed for the event before joining the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) fleet. The commencement of these buses is scheduled for the early days of September.

Kailash Gahlot, the transport minister, expressed the goal of creating a positive impression for visitors to the capital city during the G20 Summit. He highlighted Delhi’s role in pioneering clean fuel initiatives under Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership, which has not only improved travel convenience but has also significantly reduced pollution. These new electric buses exemplify the government’s commitment to cleaner energy and diminished carbon emissions.

An official further explained that all the upcoming buses will be 12-meter electric vehicles equipped with real-time monitoring systems, CCTV cameras for passenger safety, and automatic pneumatic wheelchair ramps catering to individuals with disabilities.

The newly introduced electric buses will boast enhanced charging capabilities, enabling them to operate for two shifts on a full charge. With this addition, Delhi’s electric bus count will surpass 800, contributing to the city’s drive towards cleaner public transportation. Plans are in motion to electrify all 62 bus depots as part of a comprehensive electrification strategy.

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Delhi currently manages around 7,500 buses via DTC and DIMTS, with over 400 being electric buses. The initiative aims to address transportation challenges due to aging and malfunctioning buses. Over 100 instances of breakdowns and technical glitches were reported daily in the final week of July, prompting the establishment of a committee to investigate the issue.

The introduction of these electric buses is anticipated to alleviate such operational challenges and enhance the public transit experience for the millions of passengers who rely on buses for daily commuting in Delhi.

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